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Challenges is the e-newsletter produced by the Durex Network to explore developments in the global sexual health arena. We have created this newsletter because we believe the promotion of responsible sexual health should be high on the agenda at an international level and, by working with key decision-makers, we intend to stimulate debate, discussion and information exchange as well as the development of new programmes. Through this newsletter, we aim to provide a source of valuable information, providing research, analysis and opinion which, we hope you find useful and informative. Please do not hesitate to share it.


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Durex Network Challenges Issue 2 2011

In this issue of Challenges we talk to Dr Triece Turnbull, a UK-based expert on sex and relationships education (SRE) about her recent and planned work on SRE in the family context. We also look at the approach taken in teaching SRE in different parts of the world, including North and South America, Europe, Australia and North Africa. We feature studies on the effect that having sex for the first time has on the self-esteem of undergraduates at college and on the attitude of teenagers towards what they read about sexual health matters on the Internet. Sexually transmitted infections are on the increase in countries around the world and we investigate why older adults are particularly at risk and report on the debate in the UK on whether boys should be vaccinated against HPV.

2011 Durex network Challenges - Issue 2

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The contrasting ups and downs of college affairs
How and when is sexual education best provided across age groups
STIs increase as the risks are still ignored
Laws that hinder HIV prevention services
ART funding is money well spent
Sex education - it's a family affair
Teenagers show scepticism online
Prevalence of HPV among men is rising
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