What is the Durex Network?

SSL International, the parent company of Durex, operates in a way that reflects the company’s values while understanding and responding to stakeholder views and connecting business decisions to ethical, social and environmental concerns.

The Durex Network was founded in 2005 to formalise the work that Durex has been doing over many years to raise awareness of the safer sex message globally.

The Durex Network’s core activity is to develop and support key initiatives that harness the expertise of international organisations, healthcare professionals, educators and politicians to help prevent unplanned pregnancies and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS.

The Durex Network has five main components:

1. Global partnerships
2. Advocacy
3. Social marketing
4. Research
5. Information

Durex Network vision

The Durex Network’s core vision is to inspire people to take responsibility for their sexual health, based on the principle that information leads to knowledge which, in turn, leads to action.

In terms of the Durex Network’s work, this means talking to people to get an in-depth understanding of their needs before developing initiatives that will enable them to gain the knowledge they need to make informed choices.


Durex Network mission

The Durex Network’s mission is to develop and support key initiatives that harness sexual health expertise globally to raise awareness of the safer sex message, communicate a ‘prevention not cure’ ethos and encourage consistent condom use. By pooling the expertise of key sex and reproductive healthcare professionals, the Durex Network also seeks to share knowledge and help replicate best practice in the field to ensure safer sex stays at the top of everyone’s agenda.

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